The Syrian Conflict

map of syriaSyria, all through the last two years, has been a subject to a very brutal conflict between The Syrian Government which is headed by Bashar-Ul-Assad and a little more than a handful of insurgents who, quite ironically, claim to be the side of the majority of the Syrian public. Bashar-Ul-Assad, the head of the state which is under ‘The war of existence’, enjoys the support of an obvious majority of the people in the country. As each day passes the conflict gets worse and worse with the number of casualties on each side increasing day by day.

The war which has been a landscape of homicide is moving ahead with full bloodshed. Each day brings a new standpoint from each side. The spokesman (for the state-head) claiming that the insurgents are being pushed further and further whilst, on the contrary grounds, the insurgents claim to have captured more and more areas, depriving the army from different big cities. These are, in fact, the war tactics employed by both sides. However, this ‘claiming-conflict’, thankfully, is settled quite impressively by the media authorities, who playing their roles significantly unveiled the facts on the ground. These media authorities include both local and foreign ones.

Till date, the ‘so-called civil war’, has engulfed more than a millions of lives, most of whom being the innocent citizens of Syrian Arab Republic whose only crime was that they were witnessing this appalling battle-ground. A countless number of people have been wounded either by the injuries to their bodies or by the grievances that the war had inflicted upon them by slaughtering their loved ones.

The Syrian Army constitutes of a diversity of citizens with different faiths. The diversity is such that from Christians to different factions of Muslims and Hindus to other minorities of non-Abraham religions are there in the Syrian Army which is headed by Army Chief who, in turn, gets direct orders from the leader. Despite the diversity of the Syrian Army, its unity since the inception of the war suggests that, indifferent of the beliefs, most of the Syrians are by the side of the leader and have pinned their hopes on Mr. Bashar-Ul-Assad. Hence, the majorities of the Syrian people are standing by the side of the leader and hold the belief that he and his army will terminate the nominal Syrian opposition.

The insurgents, on the other hand, are headed by “Moaz al-Khatib” (a right-winged leader whose actions have, at times, been suspicious). It is composed of a fraction of Syrian citizens (a ‘piece of information’ that most people strongly doubt), who defied the authority to step down. They put accusations on the head of the state and his allies. These accusations include ‘Corruption’, ‘Looting the state-wealth’, and ‘Abusing the state-supremacy’ and so on. But the most significant of the accusations was that they call him to be an ‘oppressor’. And their demands, hence, includes the establishment of ‘Democracy’ in the state.

Their demands and accusations seem quite reasonable. And so, in response, the Syrian head of state, early during the last year, offered the opposition for talks. He assured the opposition full safety and aimed at addressing the issues, which the opposition had raised, to meet their demands. The opposition, quite paradoxically, not only turned down his offer instead cried havoc not just against the Army and leader’s faithful but also against the general public (whose support was acclaimed by the same opposition forces).

The opposition, since then, started to slaughter the Syrians except their own kind. It was atrocious; firing at children, raping the women, beheading the young and elder, and even slicing their bodies to mark their triumph. Now then, it was up to the Syrian Army to defend ‘the veins and necks of their citizens’. And so did it mark the inception of a war between the Syrian Army and the rebels. This war has been continuing since the last four years.

To almost all the citizens of Syria, it is now a ‘War of Existence’, a war between the state-Army and the anarchists (who are, actually, more than anarchists as will be mentioned in the coming lines). Most of the citizens hold the belief that the victory of Mr. Assad and its Army would be the triumph of the country and, quite contrarily, the victory of the anarchists would result in the collapse of the Syrian Republic.

The International community has mixed sentiments about the Syrian conflict, major powerful nations backing the insurgents whilst some are by the side of ‘The Establishment’. Even when the streams of the innocents’ blood are being flown, America and its allies (except a few) are abetting the insurgents. UN (which has played a role of an ‘American-directed-puppet’) again has proved worthy to increase the “magnitude of terrorism” in another part of the world (perhaps not yet appeased with the blood of innocents in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan). It supplied funds, sophisticated weapons and other aid to the insurgents.

Other countries which helped the rebels include Saudi Arabia (the same monarchy which, in recent times, crushed demonstrators in its own state), Tunisia, Qatar and such. The evidences on the ground suggest that these countries including some more do not only abet the rebels in the Syrian state but also supply reinforcements. Saudi-Army, Tunisian-fighters, and Qatar’s dollars are helping the rebels in Syria to slay the Syrians. The countries helping the Syrian rebels share the same agenda: to establish a regime – a torn and wretched one – which cannot be a threat to them in future.

Besides fighters from different states and kingdoms of the middle-east, Al-Qaida has also been involved in the Syrian War. It has been helping and abetting the rebels. The number of countries which are interfering (by either directly or indirectly assisting the insurgents) is more than ‘thirty’ (a host of a Political-show on ‘Sahar Urdu T.V’ { } acclaimed this figure). This is evident from the recent meeting of some countries including Britain, France, Qatar, Saudi Arabia etc. in Dubai. This meeting was called the gathering of the ‘Friends of Syria’. In the meeting Qatar including few other countries declared to provide weapons to the rebels; a sign of alarm for the peaceful world and a shameful punch on the face of America and its which have been calling themselves as the ‘No. 1 Advocates for human rights’.

The countries which realized the actual position and intentions of the rebels have supported the Syrian head of the state: Mr. Bashar-Ul-Assad. These countries include Russia, China, Iran and few others. These have announced their support for the current regime of Syria and have committed to help Mr. Bashar’s regime, in case of external invasion. This has proved to be helpful in keeping the balance between the support received by the ‘so-called Syrian opposition’ and the Syrian government.

The balance is further preserved by the direct involvement of ‘Hezbollah’ in the war. If on one hand, the rebels are being helped and assisted by the soldiers and fighters of different countries and organizations including the doomed Taliban then on the other hand, the Syrian forces are being aided by the soldiers of Hezbollah. These Hezbollah fighters in the last few weeks have crippled the rebels. The Syrian forces have regained control of the different main cities – Al-Qusayr, Aleppo etc. – over the last few week courtesy Hezbollah fighters. The damages done by the Hezbollah fighters were such that Brigadier General Salim Idris becoming Chief of Staff and effective leader announced that their forces will lose the battle if international community does not help them financially and militarily.


The war is going on. Most of the victims include the innocent citizens of Syria. Over 92,900–100,000 people of Syria have been killed in the war till now (as reported by the UN) but according to various opposition activist groups, between 72,960 and 96,430 are slaughtered, with millions of people being wounded (source: ). By October 2012, up to 28,000 people had been reported missing (source: ). According to the UN, about 4 million Syrians have been displaced within the country and 1.5 million have fled to other countries (source: ).

The condition of the Syrians is more than appalling but who cares when it comes to ‘own interests and benefits’. America with the help of UN has, till now, proved it quite brilliantly, giving monetary and other aid to the rebels. It has, in fact, tried to achieve its ‘national interests’. And when it comes to America’s ‘national interests’, it can do anything, as was declared by Mr. George W. Bush (the ex-president of U.S.A). So, America and most of its allies, including those in middle-east, are just working for their ‘self-interests’, abetting the rebels who are slaughtering the Syrian as if they are some worst creatures.

                                                                                                                                                Written by: Shahid Husain.

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