A first time for everything That was my words But blinding myself to what is in everything that there are more horrible times than the deathbed And so we kill the will And so we kill the will to change And all the time to the one thing that deserves none And so we call … Continue reading

Time Travel

Ever since man has started pondering about Time and Space, he has always been intrigued by the fact that there might be some way to travel back into their past or future. It’s palpable that everyone will love to go to his or her past and start from a new beginning or will not reiterate the mistakes made … Continue reading

The Syrian Conflict

Syria, all through the last two years, has been a subject to a very brutal conflict between The Syrian Government which is headed by Bashar-Ul-Assad and a little more than a handful of insurgents who, quite ironically, claim to be the side of the majority of the Syrian public. Bashar-Ul-Assad, the head of the state … Continue reading