Shia Genocide

The genocide is at its peak. This is the second major blast which killed more than 80 people in one of the densest cities of Pakistan: Quetta; A city which is under nominal sectarian violence. Most of the people killed belong to the “targeted Shia Hazaran community”. This is the second planned bomb-blast this year, the first one being carried on the month of January. The banned Laskar-e-Jhangvi (a so-called Jihadist group), again, claimed responsibility for the attack (The news came on an International T.V channel i.e. Al-Jazeera). It is the same group which, at times, carried out several ambushes on the Pakistani Army in the Baluchistan province.

stop killing peopleThese back to back attacks on Shia-minorities in Pakistan suggest the willingness of the Pakistani government to take any action against those involved in these mass killings. But, above all, it suggests the shameful failure of the Pakistani Intelligence Agencies such as the ISI and the MI which are wholly responsible for the safety of the people of Pakistan and its ideology. The government has totally seemed to have failed since it could not control the law and order situation in its states in the last few years. Either the government is not willing to take any appropriate action against the extremist militants or the government officials are not competent enough to take steps to maintain peace in the country.

In the last few years, target-killings, bomb-blasts and suicide attacks went rampant in the country. Whether it is Karachi, Gilgit-Baltistan, Quetta or any other place where there are secularly different communities, people are being brutally killed. Especially, the Shia minorities have been targeted in a large scale. The seriousness of the genocide can be sensed from the fact that people were pulled down from buses after being identified as Shia and were mercilessly slaughtered. Three such attacks have happened in the last year, leaving the Shias helpless.

Foreign commentators have identified these attacks as a growing link between the Pakistani Taliban (including allied militant groups such as Laskar-e-Jhangvi, Jundullah, BLA, Jaesh-Muhammad, TTP) and the Sepah-e-sahaba Pakistan (SSP: a Sunni-ideology group whose stated goal is to primarily to deter major “Shiite” influence in Pakistan in the wake of the “Iranian Revolution”, was banned in January 2002 due to its operations on the Shias). SSP, since the ban on it, has been operating under the flag of “Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat” (This point is proved by one of the most influential magazine of the time: The Economist).

The ties between these groups have grown and their common goal is to “attack the Shia minorities”. This very fact explains the increasing number of attacks on the Shia community. This has created a state of “anarchy” in the country. It is not odd to suggest that this situation has drastic impacts on the “Economy of Pakistan”, “both political and social stability in the country” and “its image to the external world”.

According to a trusted national T.V channel; over 1200 kilograms of detonating material has been used in the recent blasts in Quetta. The sectarian extremists have been using sophisticated weapons. But an ordinary person can ask where all this funding came from?

America has been blaming Pakistan for helping the Taliban in its tribal areas by providing them monetary aid and asylum. The Pakistani officials have denied such allegations. But one of the Pakistani former Military official did say (while giving interview to the globally recognized T.V channel: BBC, back in 2012) that “good relations with Taliban are in favor of Pakistan”. The possibility that Pakistani Intelligence Agencies are funding or in any way helping the militants can not be the plain truth, the reason being the planned attacks on the Pakistani Army (as I have already mentioned).

The answer may lies in the allegations of some people who suggest that these militants are funded by “Saudi Arabia”. Saudi Arabia’s regime belongs to one of the divisions of Sunni-sect: Wahabi (notorious for their rage and hatred against Shias whom they consider infidels). Saudi Arabia, in past, has been active in funding for the propagation of the Wahabi sect in Pakistan. Hence, these allegations can not be over turned.

It seems like the country is being tore apart. Minorities in the country are not feeling secure due to these numbers of attacks: those who can are fleeing for safer shores. The image of Pakistan has deteriorated. And, it seems like, there is no way of stopping this destruction.

 Written by: Shahid Husain
Shahid Husain

One thought on “Shia Genocide

  1. I really appreciate your courage and ideas Shahid. I wish we could stop all these troubles which are going on there in Pakistan.If we are united than nothing is impossible.If all people think we are just muslims and one community and humans and if they think we believe in humanity not in religion than these blasts etc cases rarely could be any more,and the corrupt leaders…….I don’t want to open my mouth.many sluggish words for them might come out sooo…………..You all guys know any way…


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