8 thoughts on “AKHSS,G

  1. this is a great thing you are doing. This is a small step but it is an initiative. Maybe the beginning of something wonderfull. we’d all work hard to make this worthy. its a platform for positive change and awakening.


  2. Thumbs up for ur effort Salman. People of Gilgit Baltistan have flowing ideas like oceans in their heads. But they have a few opportunities to be united and share their ideas. I hope this page will gain a great momentum as time passes.


  3. hello! i have just wrote down an article about about ‘Self Enlightenment’ and i hope very soon i would be posting it to the blog, but insofar SALMAN that’s a good effort but you need to be very much much persistence to the blog and keep it always updates with recent articles and the thought of the folks hope your blog soon will be very much helpful for folks to share their precious ideas.


  4. Man i need not to tell ya that you are doing a great job cause you know it and you are doing it. I am confident that your efforts would not be vain attempts, they will certainly be productive and will serve for the betterment of the society! Thumbs up for the effort and good luck!


  5. Salman Karim’
    You are doing a well job and i really appreciate this initiative…you can groom the thinking prospective and also help the junior citizens to know more about this website..prays r with u…:)


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